Sunday, August 16, 2009

Democrats for Freedom, Don't Count on It!


Okay, now I'm madder than a hornet after someone has stirred my nest. I am trying my best to be bipartisan/non-partisan. At Facebook, I have joined the Republican Liberty Caucus, as well as the Democrat Freedom Caucus and the Blue Dog Democrats. I want liberty minded people of every party, as well as middle-of-roaders, to help keep this country free, and even to make it freer. But damn it, partisanship is alive and well on planet Earth, and at Facebook.

It seems like the supporters of the Blue Dogs over there like to believe the news media when it is reported that conservatives and libertarians never had a dog in this fight for freedom until Obama got elected. As they used to say on Saturday Night Live, "How conveeeeennnnniiiiieeeeennnnntttt!"

Democrats have been led to believe that people who didn't vote for Obama are racist, homophobic, rich, stupid, or all of the above. No mention is made of the 40% of the American people who consider themselves independents and libertarians; who vote on principle and not on party. Nope! The news media told them that those of us who want less government involvement in our lives, and more freedom for everyone; including blacks, gays, undocumented workers from Mexico, etc., must all be racist and homophobic. I mean, what freedom lover wouldn't love Obama, right? Wrong!

We stand on the edge of a precipice, where the government has already nationalized a couple of industries, and is ready to nationalize several more. The automobile and banking/investment industries are now the property of the United States Government. Soon, the energy and health care industries will be as well. I don't know about you, but this is scary as hell. And some of the people that I thought we could count on are too busy playing partisan games to give a rat's ass about our freedoms and liberty.

I personally am damned glad that there are folks out there letting the politicians know what they think of them. And it's not all just some "right wing nut jobs" either. Some of the folks are registered Democrats. One in particular was trying to get Steny Hoyer to listen. All Hoyer could do was ridicule him:

Protester: Hey, I'm a registered Democrat!

Hoyer: Yeah, me too.

What the hell is that about? Hoyer doesn't give a damn about what "the flyover country" thinks about what he's shoveling out to constituents. He's got lobbyists to keep happy, and he'll be damned if some "local yokel" is going to get in the way of a good government take-over.

Do I sound pissed off? I hope so, because I am. You know, I'm not so mad about them trying to develop some National Health Care plan, because I have an idea myself for how to do it. The folks that I've talked to think it's a pretty good idea; but our Democratic Congress, and their Imperialistic Leader won't listen to a word of it. Nope, in spite of calling for bipartisanship on the issue, he has shut down discussion and debate. It's his way or the highway. He even said the other day that he didn't want to even hear what anyone else had to say, instead blaming us for the mess that we're in.

Well, that ignores the fact that you and I have high premiums because the government of the United States, Republican and Democrat combined, have foisted requirement after requirement upon health care providers until those of us who have to pay for at least a portion of the premium can't afford it anymore. Take maternity coverage. Why does my insurance plan have to include it? My wife is 51, and I'm 50. We won't be having any more little rug rats. What do we need it for? Why can't I drop that coverage, and let myself off the hook for the savings?

Parity for Mental Health Services is another one. And guess what? I am a Mental Health professional! I don't want parity. I want ala carte. I want people to buy, with the help of their employer, only the coverage they want and need.

Oh, and guess what else? You know those HMOs that everyone bitches about? You know, "Managed Care;" what an awful thing that is, right? Guess who created HMOs in the first place? The CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES! The same idiots that's going to give it to you again.

But, we can't have people protesting now, can we? After all, we are just sheeple, meant to blindly follow all those smart people that we elect. BULLSHIT! These are our freedoms, and I'll be damned if I'm going to lay down and take whatever these morons decide to give me.

No damn way. And you Democrats, you better do better than bitching about Bush...libertarians and paleoconservatives (like Ron Paul) have been doing that for 8 years. Now we are bitching about your guy. If you've got any integrity left, you should join us in keeping this country free, and then work with us to make it freer, for the folks who've been largely left out for too damn long.

Otherwise, you get what you deserve!

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